All about Island Event Planners

When you hire event planners, it is the same as hiring a new employee. They are going to become your assistant, your manager, your coworker, and your friend throughout the planning process to make sure the event is perfect. You need to ask the right questions in order to find the perfect fit for your party.Have a look at Island Event Planners for more info on this.

First, you need to ask them what kind of events they organize the most. There are many different kinds of parties and you want to make sure to find a planner that has experience with the kind you want to put on. Asking about the events they have managed before gives you insight into their qualifications and experience.

Depending on the size of the agency, the person you speak with while interviewing may not be the same planner you are going to work with during the process. Ask if you will be working with the interviewee and, if not, who will you be working with. You need to know because a good connection with the planner is important.

Ask about all services included in their fee and what additional costs you can anticipate. Most planners are upfront about their costs but some assume that you understand what services are included and what is not. Make sure you get a complete list of everything included in the fee along with services that will be additional. This will help avoid going over budget.

Some planners will have a limit on how many meetings and calls they will take from you. It is important to know this number so you can figure out your own planning schedule. Ask if there is a cost or added availability for additional meetings.

Ask about the size of the staff that will be helping them on the day of the event. This is important if you have a big event being planned. When a planner is on site for the event, they will be asked about every single issue, no matter how insignificant. If your event has many moving parts, make sure your planner has an assistant that will help manage the smaller details of the event.

It is also important to task about their cancellation and refund policy. Things may come up that are beyond your control, causing you to cancel, postpone, or change a huge aspect of your event. Understand the planner’s terms and the terms of all vendors that will be hired. Ask the planner if they will communicate with the vendors about cancellation in case that happens.

Often, the planner will charge for all hours and services used until a change or cancellation occurs. They also usually charge for all purchases that have already been selected, including vendors. However, every contract will be a little different, so make sure you know the details before signing with a planner.

Finally, every planner should have a list of references or a portfolio of past events they have planned. Ask to see it and make sure they have it available on request. Even if the planner is new and starting out, they should have a list of events they have worked and planned for other companies or agencies.

References will give you valuable insight into how well the planner has worked with clients in the past. A portfolio will also give you an idea of a planner’s style and design to see if they match your goals.