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“Richmond House, your ultimate luxury touch beauty salon, in Otterborne, Hampshire. We first based in the luxury touch beauty salon idea on our personal experience of luxurious London surroundings, where as little importance is given to patient care, surroundings and immediate customer experience as would normally be given to delivering superior quality beauty treatments. We are continually striving to exceed all your expectations from every point in your personal beauty treatment, from the time you book your first appointment to post Treatment follow-up. click here

Richmond House believes that the results a patient receives from their treatment is directly related to their level of confidence in the knowledge they are receiving the highest levels of personal service possible. This means that you can come to any treatment and feel completely comfortable in your surroundings and confident in the knowledge that you will receive the very best treatment for your skin and hair type. Richmond House beauty uses only the highest quality lasers for laser hair removal, ensuring that you are left with skin and hair that are smoother and shinier than before. You will also find a great deal of comfort in being able to talk openly about the treatment with your family and friends, something that you may not have been able to do before receiving laser hair removal.

Richmond House beauty can be experienced in a one-stop beauty shop, located within the Otterborne High Street area of London. This location offers you everything you need to transform your look, starting with your personal consultation to finding the right professional to meet your needs for laser hair removal. You can relax in the peaceful beauty salon environment, relax and enjoy a cup of tea, or even visit with friends and family and discuss the different options with them. Your treatment can be scheduled for a short period or over the course of an entire day, depending on your schedule. With the Richmond House salon, you are guaranteed to feel pampered and special!

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Richmond House Beauty
Richmond House, Main Rd, Otterbourne, Winchester SO21 2EQ
Phone no: +441962714444