All about Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and mites from rugs. Common methods used include dry-cleaning, steam-cleaning, and rug-specific vacuuming. Have a look at Rug Cleaning for more info on this. Dry cleaning means simply washing the rug without the use of any liquid, and dry-cleaners do not generally contain chemicals for stain removal. Steam-cleaners use high-powered heat to clean rugs. Vacuum cleaners work by suction, which helps to remove soils and dirt particles from the rug. But it is important to know how to clean rugs correctly to ensure that all of its fibers are cleaned well, including the edges, under layers, and other areas.

Before beginning a rug cleaning session, remember to thoroughly vacuum all areas of the rug. Also, be sure to rinse off any spills or stains immediately to prevent them from creating future problems or aggravating existing ones. After cleaning the rug, spray an anti-microbial herb or detergent onto the surface, taking care not to saturate it. Follow this up by buffing the rug with a clean, dry cloth in order to remove any remaining moisture from the carpet. The goal of the dry buffing process is to remove surface dirt from the rug without over soaking it in order to preserve its fibers.

It is also important to hire an area rug cleaning company to perform spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is done to remove stains that may have remained on the rug after it has been cleaned. The blotches left from such stains can make the area look unpleasant. For example, a spill in the dining room could leave streaks of food on the floor, which can greatly detract from the enjoyment of guests or family members.