All about Speed Clean Truck Wash

There are many reasons that the Speed Clean Truck Wash is becoming such a popular business. It is so much easier to clean and more efficient to run than a standard truck wash. If you have ever driven through a regular truck wash then you know how tedious it can be. When you use the Speed Clean Truck Wash then you can see how much quicker it is and how much more efficient it is.Have a look at Speed Clean Truck Wash for more info on this.

“With ELD’s a successful and quick wash is crucial as a commercial truck sitting idle can cost up to 300 hours a day that a typical Owner operator/Customer driver can never get back. We are a technology driven business using automation to supplement our staff not replace them. Every wash comes with a hand-scrub at the end of it providing the most thorough clean around.

“We use automation to augment our staff not replace them” This is so true with this truck washing service. They have a truck mounted laser that cleans as well as taking out gunk and grime from a specific area. All truck wash procedures are fully automated so that it is safe for customers and employees alike.