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As you might already know, there is a strong correlation between the two (or more specifically the Law and Personal Injury Law). A bankruptcy and injury lawyer who are willing to take these cases will focus on the complications involved in personal bankruptcy filings, particularly because personal bankruptcy involves the erosion of one’s credit. The recent changes in the bankruptcy code have resulted in many more Chapter 13’s and other types of bankruptcies than ever before. As a result, the legal environment surrounding bankruptcy and injury law has become vastly more complicated. The results have led to an explosion in the number of firms that specialize in personal bankruptcy and injury law. visit this page The Law Office of Robert C. Hahn, III, P.S

There are several things that a well-experienced injury law practice should offer their clients. First, they should be able to counsel a client through every step of the process. Many times, people file for bankruptcy and then discover that their financial problems do not go away after they do so. This means that they need to work with a bankruptcy and injury law firm that can counsel them on how to set up their affairs so as to avoid a future bankruptcy and injury case. A good law firm will help people determine whether or not they can file for bankruptcy protection again, should they find themselves in financial trouble again.

Injury law practice can also help people with estates and gift estates. Estate planning is a relatively modern concept, yet it is very important. An estate planner helps to ensure that resources such as cash, bank accounts, and properties remain safe and accessible in the event of an estate liquidation. Unfortunately, not everyone considers personal injury compensation as part of their estate planning, which makes it very important for an experienced law practice to offer this type of assistance. Many personal injury attorneys offer their clients a free consultation so that they may give them the opportunity to see if they think a bankruptcy and injury case would be right for their situation.