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The Journal of Clinical Investigation, indicating that THC present in medical hash oil stimulates tumour cell autophagy. To date, no other treatment plan or intervention has generated such a dramatic change in the condition of patients as these, according to the researchers. The same results were achieved in a case study on a 25-year-old patient who was suffering from Wilson’s illness, which had caused global dystonia. An Argentinian study team published their findings in the journal Movement Disorders in August 2004. The patient showed considerable clinical improvement after inhaling medical cannabis. In the same year, a team of German researchers from Hannover Medical School gave a 38-year-old professional pianist 5 mg of THC, the active cannabinoid in medical marijuana. Check Holistic Releaf by Design | Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Billings MT – Medical Marijuana Dispensary Billings.

In this placebo-controlled trial, the musician’s dystonia was successfully alleviated after a single dose of THC was administered. Prior to cannabinoid treatment, the patient was unresponsive to traditional drugs and, as a result, was no longer performing publicly, according to the researchers. However, the subject’s afflicted hand showed significant improvement in motor control, and the patient was able to play technically challenging and difficult literature just two hours after taking THC. Prior to the treatment, the individual was unable to play the same pieces of music. These findings clearly show that medical cannabis greatly reduces the symptoms of focal dystonia, a kind of dystonia.

Cesamet (a synthetic oral cannabinoid naboline) was used in a placebo-controlled randomised research in 15 individuals with segmental primary and generalised dystonia in 2002, however there was no meaningful improvement in their condition. According to the researchers, this result could be dose-related and has nothing to do with the efficacy of medical cannabis in helping patients manage with dystonia symptoms. High dosages of the nonpsychoactive CBD (cannabinoid cannabidiol) and synthetic cannabinoids have been shown to slow the progression of sickness in animals, according to at least one recent preclinical study, and more research into the use of cannabis and cannabinoids in people is underway.