Corporate Function Event Planners

While corporate function event planners may assist in ensuring that your corporate functions go off without a hitch, there are likely a few areas in which you will want to be involved. Leave the venue booking, corporate entertainment bookings, and catering to the pros, but make sure they have all they need and that your guests are aware of this fantastic event. Have a look at Island Event Planners for more info on this.

Event planners who are outsourced

When it comes to hiring event planners, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page – that your corporate function event planners know how many people will be attending for catering purposes, that you inform your guests about the entertainment the event planners have scheduled, and so on. A Web 2.0 web page that provides all of the details as well as serving as a communication tool amongst the various people involved in or attending the function is a terrific method to do this.

Create a free web page at Events Listed and you’ll be able to use task and budget management tools, as well as a variety of other apps, to organise your event preparation. This page will be accessible to all of your attendees, as well as your event planners.

Include images, films, and audio clips that demonstrate what the event planners have planned for your attendees. Allow your guests to RSVP online so that your corporate function event planners can see who is coming, who isn’t, and how many people they need to cater for at all times.

Polls and comment boards can also be used to engage guests in the preparation of the event and encourage them to express their thoughts with the event planners. You may conduct a poll on the decisions your event planners have requested you to make, or just allow people to comment on the events that have been planned and publicised.

Marketing for Events

Once your corporate function event planners have given you the details of what they’ve planned and you’ve set up your web page with them, it’s time to double-check that everyone who needs to be invited has been invited. Send out email invitations to let people know that your event website is up and running, and that they can go there for further information or to respond.

When your visitors receive these invitations, they will be able to answer by visiting your website. Other guests, your event planners, and, of course, you will be able to see who is coming, who isn’t, and who has yet to answer. This also makes the event easier to prepare because you and your corporate function event planners will know exactly how many attendees to expect (and you can chase up those who have not answered).