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Botox ® exerts its strength by relaxing or paralyzing the tissue. Like other drugs, the effectiveness would be dose-dependent. How much Botox ® is applied will dictate how much muscle weakness can develop and to the degree the undesired facial expression indicates change. The higher the prescribed dosage, the stronger the outcome. (With a certain extent) For the best of modern scientific understanding, it would not seem that individual response with Botox ® differs significantly, if at all. Contrary to some common opinion, there’s little variation in patient sensitivity (how good it works). This is certainly not accurate to claim why all people are stronger survivors or have decent outcomes with Botox ® injections. There may be other explanations that certain people had various effects (e.g. how it is formulated, how old the treatment is) so that is not because their bodies are more receptive or more immune to the Botox ® molecules. The effectiveness of Botox ® is as straightforward as the dose…. per the volume of tissue it is inserted through. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Dermacare of Hampton Roads

That’s why people typically need even larger Botox ® doses to have the same result as women. They actually have more muscle mass in their faces than women, typically because they are greater in height and might be weighing more. The greater the muscle thickness and surface area level, the higher the need for Botox ® treatment. Most people, however, may handle less of a significant effect, because they are not typically involved in drastic facial improvements. When it comes to people, with the same size region I can administer in women, I typically increase my Botox ® doses to around 20 per cent. I often assume that Botox ® will not work as well in men as women, although it is not backed up by any medical evidence. It only seems obvious to me that more involved underlying muscle will surmount Botox ®’s results quicker.