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However, you must not strike the dog as a means of punishment or correction, for the simple reason that the dog may not understand that being hit is a form of ‘punishment.’ Rather, the hit dog would believe you are simply being violent to him. If your dog is doing things like running to the road or destroying your neighbours’ belongings, rather than hitting him, you should try to contain his movements. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Los Angeles Board and Train

If you don’t have patience, you won’t be able to train your dog successfully. It’s important to remember that it takes dogs some time to choose ideas that seem to us as humans to be too plain. Some people believe that you can only be good in dog training if you are a “tough” person. On the contrary, this seems to be one of those endeavours where empathy and a ‘soft approach’ to training seem to perform better than a tough Spartan approach.

Persistence is closely linked to patience (as a key to success in dog training). You won’t succeed as a dog trainer if you give up too quickly, such as when you demonstrate a desired trait to a dog and then give up when the dog doesn’t automatically pick it up. The fact is that you must demonstrate a desired conduct to a dog several times by using the appropriate reinforcements before the dog understands what is required of him or her. Consistency is a major factor in dog training success.

This is a method in which, after deciding on a specific reinforcement (reward or punishment), you must regularly administer it so that the dog under training understands what it means. Sending mixed signals is one of the worst things you can do while training a dog, and if a dog becomes confused, it’s really difficult to teach him or her.