Native Sidewalk Repair – Info

The City of Blue Springs has recently drafted a comprehensive sidewalk improvement and transition plan to successfully address major infrastructure repairs, aging infrastructure, and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (AIDS) compliance for the community. The three-month review revealed that 85 percent of the city’s sidewalks will require some sort of minor or major modifications to meet ADA Compliance. This includes pedestrian accessibility such as wheelchair access, walk-on-shelf lifts, or raised crosswalks, commercial and residential lighting, crosswalk facilities, landscaping, curb appeal, historic preservation, or other modifications. These modifications will be assessed through a process of scheduling an inspection to assess each area’s needs based on the identified characteristics of each property, which can then be followed up with precise repairs or replacement, if needed. click over here Native Sidewalk Repair

In an effort to make the process as convenient as possible for the owner, the Blue Springs Sidewalk Repair & Transition team are also developing a user-friendly online tool that will allow the community to post their own feedback and comments on proposed sidewalk repairs as well as upcoming projects. Currently, the public is only allowed to post comments about existing conditions. However, the Sidewalk Repair & Transition team hope to expand the list of project comments to include the owner’s suggestions. If the owner agrees to participate, he/she will be asked to login via their chosen online portal and to then enter a login code in order to access their interactive online tool. Once logged in, users are able to post comments on projects, upcoming events, and ask questions.

After the homeowner accepts responsibility for any repairs, they are still responsible to the property owner for any subsequent repairs, which require the same service contract from the Sidewalk Repair & Transition team. Homeowners who need assistance with updating their plumbing, roofing, or electrical systems should not attempt these tasks without the supervision of their own General Contractor, unless they have prior experience with these matters. These projects are complex and require extensive prep work, including permits and inspections. By taking full ownership of these tasks, homeowners will assure their own safety as well as the safety of their neighbors.