Scope of Work for a Cosmetic Dentist

Those that do not have great teeth do not have to give up hope. If your teeth are crooked, spread out, discoloured, or chipped, you can use cosmetic dentistry to fix them. A cosmetic dentist is someone who is trained and has the expertise and experience to make these changes to your teeth so that you can smile with confidence. Click here to read BlueDot Dental

A cosmetic dentist is similar to a cosmetic specialist in that he or she tries to improve your appearance by operating on your teeth, just as a cosmetic consultant improves your appearance by using the right makeup and facial care items and procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry’s subspecialties

Porcelain veneering, cosmetic bleaching or teeth whitening, porcelain crowning, white fillings, and invisalign procedures are all performed by a cosmetic dentist. These are only a few of the many facets of cosmetic dentistry that a skilled and professional cosmetic dentist can provide. The following sections go into the specifics of a few of these dental procedures.

Fillings that are white

White filling is a straightforward dental procedure that involves replacing the cavity with white fillings rather than the usual silver dental amalgam replacement. White fillings are more common today because they improve a person’s aesthetics by giving them a natural appearance. Since white fillings are made of composite quartz resin with a light sensitive agent, they may be more costly. These composites are available in a variety of colours to complement the colour of your teeth, removing any distinction and drawing attention to fillings in your teeth.

Treatment with Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is a form of invisible braces that is becoming increasingly common today. Metal brackets and wires are no longer used. Braces are also available in the form of invisible and reversible aligners that blend in with your surroundings, even when you talk or socialise. You can smile from ear to ear without feeling self-conscious about your braces, while your teeth are straightened using a pair of retainers.

Teeth are smoother since, unlike traditional braces, retainers may be removed to brush them. Flossing may also be used to prevent tooth decay and staining.

Whitening your teeth

Most cosmetic dentists perform tooth whitening as a traditional cosmetic dental procedure. Many people today want shiny white teeth, and it is not limited to Hollywood celebrities. Tooth whitening is also known as dental bleaching, and it involves the use of safe bleaching agents.

Tooth whitening isn’t a magical dental cure for stained or discoloured teeth. It can only help to lighten your discoloured teeth by a few shades. When this procedure does not result in super white teeth, some patients will be disappointed. A cosmetic dentist will need to advise patients about how a tooth whitening operation works in practise.