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Cosmetic Dentistry – What Is It?

Cosmetic dentistry is usually used to describe any dental procedure which improves the look of gums, teeth and/or bite for better smile and facial attraction. It mainly focuses on enhancement in dental aesthetics such as color, size, shape, position and general smile look. Some cosmetic dental procedures are orthodontic, corrective dentures and veneers. Cosmetic dentists who practice have a thorough training from accredited schools of dentistry and are allowed to practice independently. Cosmetic dentistry involves a wide range of techniques and equipment which are used by dentists to improve the appearance of their patient’s teeth. Have a look at The Dentistry Collective for more info on this.

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures include tooth extraction, reduction and restructuring. Tooth extraction is used when a tooth is severely damaged and cannot be salvaged. This is followed by crowns and bridges, which are applying to correct fractured teeth and improve functioning of jaws. There are many types of bridges including porcelain, composite and conventional veneers.

Teeth reshaping and bonding is also one of the common cosmetic dental work done. It improves color, symmetry and general appearance of the teeth. Bonding involves removal of damaged and stained teeth and placing new white teeth at its place. Bridges improve patient’s smile by covering gaps in between teeth. Veneers are made from materials like ceramic or composite which is very thin. They can cover large gaps in between teeth and give you a perfect and dazzling smile.