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Indoor Sport Activities

Indoor sport activities can be a mixture of several activities but you can generally categorize these activities into two major groups. Indoor games are generally competitive physical games played inside an enclosed space. Some indoor games are less physical in terms of their demands on the body like bowling, chess, darts and billiards but there are also some activity indoor games played such as indoor football and indoor cricket. There are many other games that fall in this category and some of these include ice cream games, fruit machines and air hockey. Some of these indoor games are quite popular and people play for hours on end. Have a look at Indoor Sport for more info on this.
Hockey is one of the most popular indoor sport activities. This has been played since before in history and it is still being played today. Ice hockey is played between teams where each team takes turns to try to take the other’s puck away from their opponent. The game of ice hockey is played with a puck called “hockey stick”, which is circular in shape. This ball is usually coated in fat or grease and is used to poke holes in the opposing team’s goal.
One other type of indoor sport activity is basketball. Although this is played outdoors, it is in reality a game that is played inside. Basketball involves pushing and pulling of various parts of the body in order to make the ball travel up to the basket, while working on skills such as shooting, court reading, ball handling and rebounding. Other skills such as rebounding can be learnt while playing basketball. One of the more popular sports which are played indoors and which features a basketball set are American football and indoor volleyball.