Unclogging Sink Drains the Easy Way

Here’s a secret that most plumbers don’t want you to know: unclogging sink drains is a lot easier than you would think. Using a shop vacuum and a little common sense is what it’s all about, hop over to these guys.

Let’s say your wedding ring falls into the sink and rolls down the drain. Don’t be concerned; if you have a shop vacuum, you may be able to save a lot of money. In a case like this, one thing I would like you to remember is to never run any additional water down the sink. This may cause the object you’re seeking for to be pushed into your home’s sewer system, where it will never be seen again.

You can always call a plumber if the shop vacuum suggestion doesn’t work, or you can disconnect the sink trap yourself and reinstall it once you’ve taken the treasure you were looking for.

You don’t need to panic if you drop something down the sink drain. Turn on your shop vacuum and place the suction hose right over the sink drain. Almost anything that has been dropped down the drain will typically be pulled up by this method.

Any water that was caught in the drain will normally be pulled up by the vacuum suction. Before sucking any water through the shop vacuum, make sure you’ve removed the filter and completely cleaned it.

You can also cover the end of the vacuum hose nozzle with a cloth or stocking. This will keep the object you’re seeking for from being sucked into the vacuum. Greg Vandenberge Construction Company has provided another another useful advice.

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