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Slip and Fall Lawyer is professionals who specialize in these kinds of cases. Premises liability is basically the body of law under which business owners and homeowners are held liable for accidents suffered by visitors on their own property or on commercial property. The accidents are usually called slip, trip and fall incidents, and falls. There are cases filed against owners of apartment buildings and condominiums, but the laws surrounding this particular area of the law are more strict.Do you want to learn more? Visit Slip and Fall Lawyer

A Slip and Fall Lawyer will examine the case in order to determine if there was a duty owed, whether property owner owed a duty of care, whether the property owner violated a public nuisance law, or there were other contributing circumstances. It is then up to the judge to decide if the owner was at fault. The typical scenarios that involve these cases are: a tenant moves into a new building or apartment and notices wet floors or snow on the property. Later in the day, the tenant suffers an injury, requiring medical treatment and moving his furniture to another place. The property owner, who was negligent, does not replace the damaged furniture or pays for the medical treatment, letting the tenant to sue for damages. Most of these situations involving tenants and property owners will end in settlements, with the tenant either settling out of court or getting the landlord’s insurance company to pay for her damages.

Slip and Fall Lawyer can also help you if you have been injured on somebody else’s property. If you slip and fall on a sidewalk, for example, you can file a claim for lost wages and medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering. You might also have a case if you slip and fall on a wooded path on your own property or someone else’s property and suffer an injury. Slip and fall attorneys will evaluate your case and help you through the court process. You may be able to get compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost rental income, and even property repair costs.

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