Information’s about Texas Roofing

If you’re going to use this product, make sure it comes with a warranty and has fibreglass fibres embedded inside. These roof coatings can only be used on asphalt-based roofs, such as felt or modified bitumen. They can be used on a metal roof, but they do not perform well on these surfaces. Some roof coatings include aluminium flakes to help reduce the average surface temperature of the roofs and save money on cooling costs by providing a certain amount of sunlight reflectivity.Have a look at Texas Roofing for more info on this.

Elastomeric roof coatings are generally made of rubber and are available in a liquid form. They are normally white in colour, but they can be dyed to achieve a desired look. Because of their ability to stretch, elastomeric roof coatings are much superior to asphalt-based roof coatings, with some of the better brands stretching up to 600 percent. This opens up a wide variety of roof issues that can be addressed with this form of coating.

Elastomeric can be used on metal roofs, asphalt roofs, concrete roofs, and some rubber roofs. Another benefit of white elastomeric coatings is that they can reduce the temperature of the roof dramatically, remember that installing a new roof isn’t cheap, so don’t just look for the cheapest option; instead, look for one that will do the job right! saving you money on your energy bills. As a result, the roof pays for itself over time simply by energy savings. Both of these will give you a smooth roof that should be leak-free if installed properly.

Roof coatings do not work on their own; there is a lot of preparation work that must be done before the coating can be applied. Fasteners must be sealed individually, seams must be reinforced, flashing must be checked and strengthened, and you must begin with a clean surface, all of which can take a long time to complete on your own.